Cow Carton


Every day we are emerged in different kinds of graphics, and I believed that graphic is visualization of languages, and when it comes to new things. I notice that the graphic of cows is often seen on milk cartons. Cows itself actually do a lot more things than producing milk, but when you see them on a carton so often, it suddenly becomes a metaphor of milk.

This project aims to literalize the symbolized objects and extracting the metaphors out of the language of graphics. Thus, I want to make milk cartons in a more literal way that the carton actually become the shape of a cow.

I want to name this project “奶牛盒(cow carton)”. The word “奶牛(cows)” in Chinese happens to be formed by the two same characters as “牛奶(milk)”  but in opposite order. Thus, the project’s name is chosen to imply the ironic relationship between symbolic and literal representation in graphics.