board game, branding, packaging

Instructor: Scott Laserow

Fake News is a board game based on fake headlines that we often see in our everyday life.

This is a problem that has been brought up a lot in the past few years. However, as a way of propaganda, fake news has always existed in the history. I want to make a game dedicating to this topic in order to bring people’s attention to fake news, and also show how absurd some of these headlines can get.

This game is designed to take places in different cities, thus, there will be different editions of map boards.


Style Tile

Persona Card

Players can choose their persona from 5 different characters, thus this game contains 5 persona cards.

News Card

The players are the journalists who work for a news publication. Their job is to collect as many headlines as possible and deliver them to the public. However, they must be careful to pay close attention to the accuracy of the news and distinguish if it is real or fake. The game ends when the first player reaches the Editor and Chief’s office.  


This game contains a stack of news cards. Half of them are fake headlines, and the other half will be the true ones. When I was looking for headlines, I tried to find headlines that seem to be real but are actually fake, and headlines that sound fake but are actually real to show how deceiving news can be these days.

For those true headlines, there will also follow with a bouns quesion that players can get extra points from when they answer correctly.